He's won Juno Awards, played sold-out shows in hockey arenas, written songs sung by your favorite Texas artists, and has even played "Five Questions." Remember when Corb Lund made his Radio Texas, LIVE! debut?

First things first. You're wondering "What's a Juno Award?" It's the Canadian equivalent of a Grammy -- get some culture, slimeball... Just kidding, I had to ask too.

Before Lund moseyed north, and out of the Lone Star State he left us with two great live performances. The first was "Cows Around," the second may be the longest title for a song, ever "Priceless Antique Pistol Shoots Startled Owner." Do you know one that's longer?

And Corb certainly did not get out of here before playing Texas' most loved game "Five Questions." He got 60%, not bad for a canuck. Give his effort a listen, below.

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