Even though Corb Lund typically finds it difficult to write with people and play well with others — those are his words, not ours — he has found a strong writing partner in his good friend Jaida Dreyer, as evidenced in his brand-new song, "Redneck Rehab."

"As often is the case with us, it was her idea and I helped her flesh it out," Lund tells Taste of Country. "It's kind of a romp about having to kick drugs in the country, low-buck style."

"Redneck Rehab" will be on Lund's upcoming album, El Viejo, out on Feb. 23 via New West Records. The new song is premiering exclusively with Taste of Country today.

Listen to Corb Lund's "Redneck Rehab"

Even though Lund admitted the song is a rollicking, irreverent one, he said there's a kernel of truth to the words he and Dreyer penned.

"There's quite an epidemic of drug use in rural North America these days. It doesn't get talked about a lot but it's a pretty big problem."

Beyond the lyrics, the stripped-down nature of "Redneck Rehab" represents the musical direction of El Viejo. Lund recorded the new album in his living room, replacing the polished nature of a studio with the spontaneous feel of his home.

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"I really don't like overproduced records anymore," he says, "and I've been wanting to do that for awhile, with acoustic instruments. There's nothing electric on El Viejo whatsoever — it's all banjos and mandolins and upright bass and acoustic guitars and stuff. I love those sounds, I always have."

El Viejo marks Lund's first record of original songs since 2020's Agricultural Tragic. After releasing an EP and full-length of cover songs, Lund said it feels great to be sharing his own music again.

"At heart, I'm a songwriter and I'm really proud of this batch of tunes. I put a lot of work into them and I think they're pretty cool. There's some cowboy stuff and some gambling stuff and some odd topics, as usual."

Corb Lund will be touring for much of the spring in support of El Viejo. Fans can find his full tour schedule here and pre-order the new album here.

Album Cover For Corb Lund's El Viejo

Corb Lund - El Viejo New Album
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