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From CMT: Canadian singer-songwriter Corb Lund and Texas troubadour Hayes Carll have probably driven a million miles over the course of their careers. So, of course, they’ve had a few run-ins with highway patrol.

For “Bible on the Dash” from Lund’s album Cabin Fever, the real-life buddies teamed up to reveal a secret weapon for getting out of tickets and searches. Namely, keeping the Good Book in sight and hoping for a little Christian goodwill.

In an email exchange with CMT Edge, Lund says he can’t even remember where the cheeky idea came from.

“It’s lost in the mists of time now,” he says. “But I’m pretty sure one of my band friends told me it worked for them.”

Regardless, the Alberta, Canada, native now swears by the tactic after a recent incident.

“It’s hard to say whether it worked or not, but it can’t have hurt,” he explained. “I generally have one up there most of the time, especially at border crossings. I think I’m gonna start putting one in my suitcase, too, so the TSA guys think I’m a righteous individual. Plus, I am a righteous individual, so no harm done, right?”

Both of the guys are known for injecting humor into their songs, and their brand new video for “Bible on the Dash” is no different. Lund got to play a Royal Mountie, while Carll took what appears to be a familiar character for him.

“I think Hayes made a hell of a Texas trooper,” joked Lund. “And with [my] red serge and the moustache and the shades and the big boots, you do kinda get to stomp around like you own the place. Even the horrible version of a Mountie outfit I had makes you feel like you have a little authority.”