He fronted Cross Canadian Ragweed, the biggest band to ever hit the Red Dirt scene. Hell, they really helped to create it. In the process Cody Canada inspired a new generation of singers and songwriters.

And while Cross Canadian Ragweed, after splitting in 2011, will only live on in our hearts, The Departed carry on the torch ignited by Ragweed twenty years ago.

The Departed released their first album, This Is Indian Land, in June 2011. An album that consisted of covers written by Oklahoma songwriters, served as an introduction to Canada's new reincarnation.

On November 13, 2012, the band released their first original album titled Adventus. In 2014 the band announced a third studio album, and Hippielovepunk, was released on January 13, 2015. Never to be tied down, along the way the band has released two "passion projects." Canada's Some Old, Some New, Maybe a Cover or Two, in 2013, Chip and Ray, Together Again for the First Time, with Canada and Mike McClure in '15, and Jeremy Plato and the Departed's, In Retrospect, in late '16.

Never miss a chance to see a legend in concert, don't miss The Departed's Love and War show this Friday (Jan. 27).

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