Cody Canada and the Departed is set to release their first album, their first as a three-piece, on June 29th. Appropriately titled 3, the new project marks a return of sorts to Canada's Cross Canadian Ragweed days.

"This record sounds like Cross Canadian Ragweed between 2002 and 2006, and it goes back to the way I originally started writing songs," Canada says via The Boot. "It's observational writing. I was inspired by the bad news on the television. The good news, too. I was inspired by falling in love all over again with my wife, by watching my kids go through life, by politics, and by the modern world."

The Departed, now comprised of Canada, Jeremy Plato on bass and drummer Eric Hansen, just released the album's first single "Lipstick" to radio. Be listening for it on Radio Texas, LIVE!, and 103.1 KKCN in San Angelo.

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