What was your first Ragweed album? I had burned CDs with songs from Carney and Live & Loud on 'em, but the first album, you know that I actually bought, that'd be Highway 377.

What's the wildest place you bought a Ragweed album? Easy.

When I deployed to Iraq in '03, I came across Ragweed's then-latest album, Soul Gravy, at Baghdad International Airport, that was something special. It was like finding a little piece of home far, far away from it.

“We didn’t even know we didn’t own some of our music until we hit the road and asked for some to sell.” - Cody Canada

That entire album was great. It features the hit singles "Sick and Tired" and "Alabama", both of which charted on the Hot Country Songs charts. It's also the album that gave us popular versions of "Lonely Girl" and "Alabama."

Well, some fun news out of Iowa this week as the former Ragweed front man dropped a big ol' surprise.

Cody sat down with Mike Hart at Hippies & Cowboys podcast in Iowa City where he revealed that he will be re-recording Cross Canadian Ragweed's iconic '04 album, “Soul Gravy.”

And he's doing it a la Taylor Swift, he's doing it so that he can own his own music. Because as it turns out he doesn't. “We didn’t even know we didn’t own some of our music until we hit the road and asked for some to sell”, Cody tells Hart. He went on to say that the record label told him, “You can buy it."


The new album will be produced by Mike McClure, and if Cody gets his way his kids will also be featured on it. There was no timeline for the release of the album discussed, but good news is it doesn't look like you'll need to go to Baghdad to find it.

Canada also shared his desire to release a Rock cover album, similar to what BJ Barham of American Aquarium did with their latest release "Slapper, Bangers, and Certified Twangers."

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