The Departed

The RTX Listener Lounge
Back in 2013, Canada and (now former band member) James stopped by the studio to perform a few songs for a few of our most lucky listeners.
This Thursday how about we throwback to the time Cody Canada joined us on Radio Texas, LIVE! to debut tracks off of the Departed's, then, brand new album "HippieLovePunk." Enjoy.
Last week (1/13) HippieLovePunk from Cody Canada and the Departed hit stores and iTunes, the band's third album (This is Indian Land, Adventus). Canada called in to talk with us about the new album, MusicFest 2015 highlights, his brother-in-law Wade Bowen's performance on Conan, American A…
RTX Sunday Video
The Departed's new album HippeLovePunk is out this Tuesday (1/13), and Cody Canada will be on Radio Texas, LIVE! this Saturday to promote his latest project. And, I've got a felling we'll end up debuting no less than FIVE tracks off of it, while he is on with us.
Cody Canada Vents
Post by Cody Canada.
I've known Cody Canada, in a professional capacity, for around three years. But I've been a fan of his for more than 10 years longer than that. I actually purchased Ragweed's Soul Gravy, in Baghdad, back in 2004.
New Album + More
From his home in New Braunfels, TX, Cody Canada and his dog, Marvin, took to social media, today, to thank fans for their continued support. He also says to keep comin' out to shows, and to expect a new Departed album very soon.
Texas Music in 2013
Seems like most everyone is bashing country music these days, and there's reason to. I heard  some legitimate reasons Why Country Music was Awful in 2013. And while calling people out for singing crappy songs serves a purpose, and may even serve to correct the ship -- you gotta admit, it&a…
Best Voices in Texas Music
If you ask people who attend Texas/Red Dirt concerts what they are there for, simply being in attendance to hear an artist's voice is often not high on the priority list. It's about the environment, the party and singing along with their favorite songs.

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