From his home in New Braunfels, TX, Cody Canada and his dog, Marvin, took to social media, today, to thank fans for their continued support. He also says to keep comin' out to shows, and to expect a new Departed album very soon.

Here the last few months we've been doing old songs, from the Ragweed catalog.. have had good response. Thanks. And of course the songs we sang with the original lineup of the Departed.

Departed fans will be happy to know a new album isn't far off, "We just booked [studio time] in Austin," says Canada, "for the end of April and we'll have a brand new record, with 100% new material coming soon."

And for fans who love the old Ragweed songs, Canada took time to address you too, and invite you to request 'em at shows, save a couple. "And dont be afraid to ask for it, cause we'll play it." He clarified, "except for "Boys from Oklahoma" and "Carney Man."



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