This is why you should never miss a show. You just never know what might happen. See you in a few hours at Gas Monkey Dallas Then tomorrow night in Lampasas, TX. #prayersforskinner #hippielovepunk

Posted by Cody Canada and the Departed on Friday, July 10, 2015


A band doesn't have to sell a million albums to become entwined in a culture, but it certainly helps. When Cross Canadian Ragweed split in May of 2010, they had in fact sold over a million albums, and more than that had spent over a decade weaving their sound into the musical fiber -- and more so the hearts of thousands upon thousands Oklahomans and Texans.

May 19th, this year, marked the five year anniversary of Ragweed's split. And by all accounts Cody Canada has not so much as uttered the words "carney" nor "man," at least not in conjunction with one another since that day.

That changed last night.

Everyone at Blaine's Pub in San Angelo was surprised when Mike McClure jokingly broke into the anthem during their acoustic song swap. Likely no one more than Cody.

As McClure makes his way through the first verse, substituting words as he sees fit, you can almost see Cody working through it, "Should I do this?" "Can I do this?" to eventually "Okay let's do it."

Even though he was a bit reluctant at first, and let the crowd sing more than their fair share, by the end it seemed as if a giant weight was just lifted up, right off his shoulders. What a great video.

Colin Zamarippa who filmed the "Carney Man" sighting, told me Cody confirmed that he hasn't sung the song in five years. Tonight Zamarippa will be setting up his camera in the woods. Look out Bigfoot!

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