First things first, "Sunday Morning Coming Down" is arguably the best country song of all time, and it was unarguably written by Kris Kristofferson, we all know this. Don't need the country music police coming after our headline.

Just about a year ago, now, Courtney Patton and Jason Eady spearheaded The Sequestered Songwriters. Billed as a virtual guitar-pull for live music fans everywhere who were all now unable to attend live shows cause of the world wide pandemic. It turned into a weekly virtual show live streamed on the guest artist's pages as well as on Sequestered Songwriters Facebook page. It became a welcomed outlet for so many missing the ability to go to live concerts.

Last week The Sequestered Songwriters honored the great Johnny Cash. Folks from The Shinyribs to Stewart Mann, and Jamie Lin Wilson all stopped in to pay tribute to the Man in Black. Give Jinks' take on "Sunday Morning Comin' Down" a spin up top.

If you'd like to hear more Texas and Red Dirt artists singing Johnny Cash songs, head on over to the Sequestered Songwriters Facebook page, there's enough to keep you entertained for a while, it's certainly better than working.

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