Late last night (Sept. 5) people started sharing a brand new song from Cody Jinks on social media. The song "Same Kind of Crazy As Me", for now, remains shrouded in mystery.

You may recall that in August Jinks revealed the official album artwork, track listing, and he locked in the release date for his new album, After The Fire (October 11th). We've included that track listing in this story, you can read it right down there. I don't know what you see, but I'm definitely not seeing it... So many questions.

For now, we'll just enjoy new music.

After The Fire track listing:

After The Fire
Ain’t A Train
Yesterday Again
Tell Em What It’s Like
Think Like You Think
William and Wanda
One Good Decision
Dreamed With One
Someone To You
Tonedeaf Boogie

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