Cody Jinks is always there for us. Today "the biggest independent country artist on the planet," and good friend of the show (click for proof) teased a potential concert in Las Vegas, and announced he's got songs ready for one, hell, maybe two new albums.

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First things first. Early this afternoon Jinks posted a photoshopped pic of himself hanging out with folks from the '20s... not the 2020's, the 1920's... and teased a Las Vegas concert/party, "We (as in each and every one of us in this photo and those reading this) NEED to have a serious party in #LasVegas. I mean, like the roaring 20's, but with colder beer and important stuff like that. I'll make it happen. When and where and etc.. coming soon. Hint: December."

More on that as it develops.  

Secondly, there is new Jinks music coming soon. An hour before the '20s party tweet, he tweeted that the "Demos are done on 20 new songs. Now we just need to schedule some studio time." Once again perfect timing from Jinks, as we truly needed something positive to look forward to.

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