We knew it was coming, he told us it would be back in August, but I gotta say seeing  Cody Jinks grace his socials with the official announcement of his Red Rocks Live album this afternoon was like I could breathe again.

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This summer, the initial Red Rocks Live album revelation also brought many more announcements from Jinks. He simultaneously confirmed that long-rumored acoustic record, a double-live album, his new podcast called “A Couple In,” a Christmas album, and teased us all with a "rock" album. But, moment of complete honesty, and don't get me wrong I'm stoked for all of it, but the Red Rocks album is what's got me peak stoked... Ya know, if I gotta pick.

While he still offered no official release date, it's likely not too far out; back in August he told us that "Red Rocks Live is done, mixed, mastered and ready to go." So, now we wait. In the meantime text JINKS to 31996 to stay in the know.

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