More proof that county music fans are looking outside of traditional country radio to find their true county music fix. Earlier this year the fiercely independent Cody Jinks had two songs Certified Gold according to the RIAA.

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The first should be no surprise as it is widely his most popular song, “Loud and Heavy” from his 2015 album Adobe Sessions was Certified Gold on March 31st. Then on August 5th, “Hippies and Cowboys” from his 2010 Less Wise album was Certified Gold.

Saving Country Music is also reporting that we will soon learn that "Loud and Heavy" actually has enough sales and streams to be Certified Platinum by the RIAA, they're just waiting on the formalities ahead of the announcement.

Congrats, Jinksy.

But you can still expect a lot more from the Texas native. Unable to tour, Jinks revealed that he's found a few ways to stay super-busy. Over the summer he confirmed plans for that long-rumored acoustic record, a finished Live at Red Rocks record, a double-live album, and a Jinksy podcast he's calling “A Couple In.” If that's not enough for you, he's also got a Christmas album coming, and teased us all with a "rock" album.

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