Well, how cool is this? Last year Cody Jinks biggest career single, "Loud and Heavy," was certified Platinum by the RIAA. Today, he presented the person who inspired the song with his very own Platinum Record.

By now most fans know the story of how the song came to be. But just in case you don't. If you're reading this no doubt that "Loud and Heavy" is one of your favorite Cody Jinks songs. What you may not know is that the song was inspired by his then 2-year-old son.

A couple years ago JD Collins from KIKN, our Sioux Falls, SD affiliate had a great conversation with Jinks where he shared the story of how the song came to be.

My son and I were riding down the road in my white van, it was his second birthday. He wanted to go to Tractor Supply Company and see a tractor. While we were up there it started raining, and I said 'Hey buddy, there's a lot of loud thunder and heavy rain out there' and he just said "loud thunder heavy rain" over and over and over. And I got that tune in my head... He's got half the writer's rights on that song.

Congrats, Jinks's.

As far as knew music goes, the Texas native is set to release two albums this November - one Rock and the other Country. If you're concerned about Cody's artistic endeavors, don't be. Ward Davis isn't. In fact Davis was the one who got to announce the upcoming project from his pal. Back in June he joined a Cody Jinks fan page and shared this:

... Well, I don’t know what he was thinking, because after I heard the “metal record,” in the studio, I realized there was more to my friend than I would ever know, because the music he created for this Caned by Nod project, is a FUCKING MASTERPIECE.
There. I said it.. - Ward Davis

The metal album, None The Wiser, and his brand new country album Mercy, will both be out on November 12th.

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