Over the past three years Cody Jinks has risen from a Fort Worth troubadour to one of Country Music's biggest independent acts.

On the strength of two critically and commercially successful albums since 2015 (Adobe Sessions, I'm Not The Devil), Jinks has seen his draw skyrocket, and star rise dramatically.

Don't worry, Jinks will be heading back into the studio to work on his next project this month. But as it goes with established artists who break out several albums into their career, there is so much music in the Cody Jinks library that so many fans have never heard. SCM is reporting that the Texas troubadour will be re-releasing his 2010 album, Less Wise.

In 2010, Cody Jinks was well under the radar. But he brought his Tonedeaf Hippies into the studio and recorded an album that shows incredible depth of songwriting early in his career, including multiple songs that are now staples of his live shows. Along with eight original tracks, Less Wise features “Last Call for the Blues” from Scott Copeland, and Nate Kipp’s “Love Letters and Cigarettes.” The re-issued version, being called Less Wise Modified 2017 will feature alternative takes of “Hippies & Cowboys” and “Somewhere in the Middle,” as well as a cover of Hank Williams Jr.’s “Whiskey Bent & Hell Bound.”

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