His Facebook bio reads, "Probably the most positive-inclusive-insightful-plus size comedian, model and person on the internet!" Last month someone introduced comedian Josh Pray to Texas and Red Dirt. This month Josh dove in deeper and discovered Cody Johnson and Aaron Watson.

A couple of Josh's hot takes on Cody Johnson:

Cody Johnson is the white boy that people warned you about. Cody Johnson is the white boy that walks into the gym during a basketball game, kinda bow-legged with Jordans on and he can shoot from anywhere on the court... Listen to me I've been listening to this song for 48 minutes... I promise you hearing Cody Johnson sing is like watching your baby being born...

And on Aaron Watson:

Aaron Watson gotta album called Red Bandanna, Aaron Watson is what you get when you put a Ferrari engine inside a Prius... Aaron Watson is that friend you bring to your mama house every time you wanna stay the night and your mama never say no to him cause he's a good child.. but she don't know Aaron start all the fires...

On Cody and Aaron:

If Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen did country music it'd be Cody Johnson and Aaron Watson.

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