This is one of those lists that I love to read, but am way too scared to ever write. It's so objective. What you like I might hate, and vice versa.

But, the folks at the Dallas Observer ain't a lil bitch like me. Amy McCarthy and Kelly Dearmore stepped up, (wo) manned up and made their picks of the Top 50 Red Dirt Texas Country Songs. And they did good.

10. "Vancouver" - Reckless Kelly
9. "Somewhere Down in Texas" - Jason Boland & The Stragglers
8. "Feet Dont Touch The Ground" - Brandon Jenkins
7. "Tonight's Not the Night (For Goodbye)" - Randy Rogers Band
6. "Seventeen" - Cross Canadian Ragweed
5. "Fifty Dollars And A Flask Of Crown" - Bleu Edmonson
4. "Carry On" - Pat Green
3. "Hometown" - Charlie Robison
2. "Down the Road Tonight" - Hayes Carll
1. "The Road Goes On Forever (And The Party Never Ends)" - Robert Earl Keen

What is so awesome, for me personally, about this list -- it's 70% songs that introduced me to Texas and Red Dirt music. I was spinnin' 'em on the radio when I was working radio part-time and going to college full-time way back in 2001.

Back when I was fresh off the boat from Idaho and had no idea who any these guys were. I was being schooled in "Texas Music" by burnt, mostly unlabeled CDs I got from friends. And it was AWESOME.

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