This'll make a lot of people super happy, and of course some of y'all mad. Count us among the super happy ones. This week Grammy winners Dixie Chicks offered fans a vague confirmation via Instagram that they have a new album on the way.

Lead Dixie Chick, Natalie Maines posted a video on her personal Instagram with band mates, Martie Maguire and Emily Strayer saying through a perhaps a chipmunk filter that a “Dixie Chicks. Album. Coming.”

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The video also included a cameo from producer and musician Jack Anotonoff, who added, “Someday.” Hopefully that "someday" is sooner than later. The Dixie Chicks’ last album, Taking The Long Way, was released way back in 2006.

Maines did give a glimmer of hope that it's coming this year, she included the hashtag #dcx2019 on her post.

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