Many of us have loved ones who are constantly away from home, myself included.

Firefighters, military, truck drivers, musicians, coaches ... they tend to live on the road, out of country, out of reach. It is comforting to know, though, that you aren't alone in this.

Musicians write about being away from home quite a bit and express it through their music. Others may not be able to fully express how they feel about being gone, or having someone gone, and turn to this music to find solace.

Here are our top five songs for those longing for the road home, as well as for the loved ones they have there:

5. Eli Young Band: 'Prayer For The Road'

4. Cold Steel Revolver: 'Get You Home'

3. Adam Hood: 'Way Too Long'

2. Sam Riggs: 'Your Troubadour'

1. Zane Williams: 'While I Was Away'

Honorable Mention, because Dixie Chicks.

What songs do you find solace in?


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