Dolly Parton has been awarded TWO Guinness World Records. What for?

One is for the “Most Hits On a U.S. Hot Country Songs Chart by a Female Artist.” She accomplished that by having a total of 107 hits. (So far.)

The other is the “Most Decades with a Top 20 Hit on the ‘Billboard’ Hot Country Songs Chart”. That spans six consecutive decades, beginning in 1967 with “Something Fishy”, to 2017’s version of “Jolene” with the band Pentatonix.

Of all her hits, which was her favorite? “Coat of Many Colors” because it’s about her family and is very personal. But as a singer and songwriter, that favorite is “I Will Always Love You”, which Dolly released in 1974 and Whitney Houston covered in 1992.

When asked how has her career lasted so long touching so many lives, “I’ve always written from my heart. I try not to dwell on trying to be commercial. Usually when an idea hits me it comes from my heart, but I still try to be alert and to be aware and try to be as up-to-date as I can be.”

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