Dolly Parton

Top 5: First Dances
It's wedding season folks, which means brides galore will be searching for that gem of a song to dance to with their new hubby. Trust me, I know. I'm one of them!
#THECLASSICS: Dolly Parton ‘Jolene’
Everyone needs a certain appreciation for the classics – those songs that inspired the Texas and Nashville tunes we hear today. There was a certain honesty in songwriting back in the day that deserves to be recognized and remembered.
Dolly Parton was and still is one of the most prominent and r…
Natalie's Top 5
In light of recent events in country music - i.e. Gary Allan hating modern day country, Zac Brown bashing Luke Bryan, and Blake Shelton calling our grandparent's taste in country music distasteful -- I found this wonderful article at, outlining the greatest feuds in Count…