Everyone needs a certain appreciation for the classics – those songs that inspired the Texas and Nashville tunes we hear today. There was a certain honesty in songwriting back in the day that deserves to be recognized and remembered.

Dolly Parton was and still is one of the most prominent and respected female vocalists in country music to date. Her career has spanned over 5 decades and she is by no means moving at a snails pace:

"I've always been a writer. My songs are the door to every dream I've ever had and every success I've ever achieved. I always wanted to be a star. It just seemed natural to me, making music is all I've ever known."" says Dolly Parton.

My personal favorite Dolly song, 'Jolene' has been revisited by many musicians since it's original release in 1974. Although there are many wonderful versions of this song, nobody does it like Dolly...

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