We love Sturgill Simpson here, as I've said countless times "Metamodern Sounds in Country Music," is my favorite album of my life. And a Sturgill concert is second to none. But even the great Sturgill Simpson shows signs of his humanity.

It was deja vu all over again for his Atlanta fans as he was unable to sing laste Friday for his show at Tabernacle, the second time he's had to do that in the Peach Tree City in twelve months. But it's how he saved this show that should endear fans to the Kentucky native.

He turned into karaoke night. As reported by Saving Country Music:

After trying to sing the first song, Sturgill began to invite folks from the crowd up on the stage to sing the songs for him. As you can imagine, this plan garnered mixed reviews. Some thought it was awesome, and a unique experience they will never forget, and appreciated that Sturgill at least tried to do something entertaining as opposed to canceling last minute. And others, including fans who had attended the previous Atlanta show, and some of which had traveled from out of town, were less forgiving.

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