This Friday night (June 19) one of the most buzzed-about underground country singers will be playing Cowboy's night club for the very first time. Frank Foster is a bona-fide, yet relatively "unknown" star.

The Louisiana native has released four albums, one each of the past four years: "Rowdy Reputation" in 2011, "Red Wings and Six Strings" in 2012, "Southern Soul" in 2013 and "Rhythm and Whiskey" in 2014. Each album doing notably better than its predecessor.

In fact "Southern Soul" sold 6,000 copies in its first week of release, debuting at number 11 on the Billboard Top Country Albums chart. Then last year "Rhythm and Whiskey "debuted at No. 21 on the Billboard 200 with 9,000 copies sold in the US the first week.

That's a lot of albums for a guy I hadn't even heard of until last month. Tickets are on sale now here. And you're chance to win yours is here.

I'll see you Friday night at Cowboy's!

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