Texas country music singer-songwriter Gary P Nunn announced today a new initiative and campaign to help Texas and Texans get back on the road, and eventually; back into high-gear again, in a socially responsible way and in support of the state’s Strike Force to Open Up Texas campaign.

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Nunn has been a proud ambassador for Texas country music and his home state for the last 36 years. Speaking to the media today at a virtual press conference he said, “it’s a role that I take very seriously to preserve and perpetuate our Texas country music traditions, our Texas history and our culture. I have traveled over 2 million miles across our great state, playing historic dance halls, theaters and concert venues and I’ve been so lucky to meet many of you along the way. Being an ambassador has always been fun but now we are facing something profoundly serious with the COVID-19 virus, which is why I would like to speak to you about The Texas Maskuerade Party.”

Nunn continued, “We’ve fought so many battles in this great state, and now we need to come together as Texans to fight one more– this virus. We can win this battle if we all come together and wear our masks.”

Nunn was quick to stress that, “this campaign is not about politics. This is simply about Texans saving Texans. It’s about getting us back on the road, moving forward, and encouraging your fellow Texan to put their mask where their mouth is. Texans love their freedom but with freedom comes responsibility – the responsibility to wear your protective mask to protect you, your family, your friends, your neighbors, your community – your fellow Texans.”

Nunn added, “Wearing protective gear is nothing new – I know a lot of tough cowboys out there who wear their protective gear when they jump on a 2000 lb. bull for 8 seconds and they live to ride another day because of it. So, can’t we wear a mask when we go out to a party, go see a show and when we’re in groups of 10 or more? We don’t want dance halls, concert venues, theaters and arenas to be the next hot spots for this virus.”

Nunn also encouraged everyone to wear a mask to protect others. “I’m a 74-year-old man and I’m considered to be in a high-risk category – I wear my mask when I go to the store, to the post office, and when I’m in close proximity to others. When I get the chance to perform again, I obviously won’t be able to wear my mask when I’m on stage, but before I go on and as soon as I get off the stage, I will wear my mask and follow social distancing guidelines. Every life matters. This is about Texans protecting Texans, Texans saving Texans.”

Nunn concluded the press conference on a lighter note saying, “There’s one thing that Texans really know how to do – it’s how to throw a great party. We need to take it one step further and come together to protect our fellow Texans. We all hope this party doesn’t go on forever but while it does, let’s do the responsible thing and take care of each other. And we can still have a lot of fun getting our state back out on the road.”

About the Texas Maskuerade Party

The Texas Maskeurade Party is a non-partisan advocacy group dedicated to educating and encouraging our fellow Texans during the COVID-19 outbreak.  The Texas Maskeurade Party public awareness campaign includes messaging to gather and socialize responsibly, and to follow the guidelines outlined by local, state, and federal governments, as the state begins the process of reopening.

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