Cody Cannon hands off lead vocal duties to John Jeffers in Whiskey Myers' newest release, "Whole World Gone Crazy," off of their upcoming new album.

Jeffers wrote the introspective rocker as an ode to the hardworking folks just trying to make ends meet during the pandemic.

“I wrote “Whole World Gone Crazy” back in April of 2020,” Jeffers told American Songwriter. “There was so much hysteria going on in the world before and around that time that this song just sort of came out of me. Between COVID and everything else, everyone seemed to be going a little nuts. I felt like during all of that, most people were and still are, just normal people trying to make it another day. Trying to keep their job, praying to the big guy upstairs, and working on getting through some crazy times.”


Whiskey Myers next albumTornillo, will drop on July 29th. The guys have also embarked on a massive tour, of the same name, that will take them all across the country and all the way through August. Shane Smith & The Saints, Read Southall Band, Bones Owens, Brent Cobb, and more will be joining them on select dates.

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