Jon Wolfe is a man on a country-music mission, but even the “Natural Man” needs to cut loose every now and then -- especially when he can blame it on Mexico.

Throwback to the time I flew into Cabo San Lucas with an airplane buzz and stumbled into the first corner store I could find and played “Blame it on Mexico” on a borrowed a blue suit. #georgestrait #theking #blameitonmexico #juanlobo

From Corpus Christi to Tyler, and Amarillo to Austin – Wolfe is one of the fastest growing acts in the Texas scene. This is thanks in part to great country songs, and in part his badass country concerts.

Wolfe’s It All Happened in a Honky Tonk franchise was a true testament of country music. It contains five top 10 radio hits, including “Let a Country Boy Love You,” “That Girl in Texas,” “I Don’t Dance,” “It All Happened in a Honky Tonk,” and “The Only Time You Call.”

His Natural Man album featured “Smile on Mine,” “Don’t it Feel Good,” and “Singing Thing,” all reaching the top of the Texas chart, additionally it had a Top 10 to its credit with “What Are You Doin’ Right Now.”

Any Night in Texas dropped in June. It's lead single “Boots on a Dance Floor,” and the follow up, “Baby This and Baby That,” rose to the top of the Texas charts.

But all that still doesn't beat Jon Wolfe with an airplane buzz singing George Strait in an airport gift shop.

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