After a brief, albeit illustrious, rock-n-roll hiatus with his band Not in the Face, Jonathan Terrell has come home to his country roots.

The Longview, TX native released Past the Lights of Town in the Fall of 2015, and followed it up with a run of successful residencies in New York City, Washington D.C., Philadelphia, a European tour and a sold out French Tour.

Terrell, who sings songs of bravado, heartbreak, redemption, trades in his signature harmonica for some hauntingly badass whistling in his latest single, "Color Me Lucky".

"This song captures the last few seconds going into that pivotal moment where you either defy all odds and do something fantastic or you face real failure," Terrell tells us. "It's about personal triumph and individual freedoms."

The song was inspired, in part, by dare-devil motorcyclist, Doug Danger, and the video filmed in Austin earlier this year when Danger jumped during the Republic of Texas Rally.

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