Former Vanderbilt pitcher, Tyler Beede, was drafted by the San Francisco Giants in the first round of the 2014 draft, however that is not his greatest accomplishment. No, Beede's greatest accomplishment was orchestrating one of the most elaborate wedding proposals we've ever heard of; staging a real music video to surprise his girlfriend with a marriage proposal.

Allow me to break it down.

Beede's girlfriend, actress Allie DeBerry, had always wanted to be in a country music video; that's all the info the hard-throwing righty needed. Beede set out to make his girlfriend's dream come true, and propose to her all at once.

First, Beede reached out to Austin-based directors, Paul Galvan and Rachel Win. He told them he wanted to have a music video made for his girlfriend, to star in, in it he wanted to propose to her, for real.

Next, Galvan and Win, called up Jonathan Terrrell, explained the situation, and asked if he had a song that would fit with Beede's proposal idea.

Terrell said, "Yup! and it's called "It's Not Me (But it Could Be)."

The song tells the story of two people who used to be in love, but have both moved on. In the video Terrell plays the old flame, Beede the new flame.

To recap, what DeBerry knew going into the shoot was that she and her boyfriend were going to star in the hot new Jonathan Terrell music video. What DeBerry didn't know - Beede had a ring and during the dance scene she was going to get proposed to, cameras would capture it all, and it would live-on forever on the internet. Oh, and that her friends and family are waiting outside. Yup, the pitcher from Auburn, Mass., hit a grand-slam-of-a-wedding-proposal.

This year Beede is the second ranked prospect in the Giants organization, and 88th ranked prospect in all of baseball, and will likely, soon, make his Major League debut.

Terrell's latest EP, Color Me Lucky, featuring the song is out now. You can catch him in concert at Stanley's Famous Pit BBQ, in Tyler, on Friday (Feb. 3) with Uncle Lucius.

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