For weeks now, every single Friday folks who pre-ordered what is being called Josh Abbott Band's most ambitious project to date, "Front Row Seat," have woke up to a new song off it. Today the rest of the world gets the entire album.

From NPR to Rolling Stone, the concept album has been getting press across the United States, and is poised to be a breakout album for Abbott, the Texas fan favorite certainly hopes so. Download it here.

From NPR:

Abbott's Front Row Seat was inspired by the breakup of the singer-songwriter's own marriage to his college sweetheart, which occurred simultaneously with the beginning and end of short-lived major-label record deal. (Abbott has made his career as an independent artist and hugely popular touring act.) Its arc begins in giddy tipsiness and ends in contemplative quietude, with room for a little cheating, much heartache, and some self-examination along the way.


Front Row Seat | Act IV: Dissolution PreviewAct IV: Dissolution"As a songwriter, it's your job to write things that are personal and real. It can't be artificial."

Posted by Josh Abbott Band on Tuesday, November 3, 2015

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