For those of us who are Texas music fans, we've known about this guy Josh Weathers for months, or even years.

In East Texas we've seen him steal the show on Friday night at Rebels and Roses, and twice this year he's brought down the house at Stanley's Famous BBQ in Tyler.

But today, the world found out about Josh Weathers.

While it had been posted before (even as far back as six months ago) on social site Reddit, the video of Josh Weathers' cover of Whitney Houston's smash hit "I Will Always Love You" from 2011 at the Kessler Theater in Dallas went insane today when it reached the front page of


Reddit is one of the most-viewed sites on the Internet, last month receiving more than 4.6 billion page views. While the number of views on the YouTube page of the video will seem low, that number will be frozen by YouTube until they can properly verify the traffic. But you can bet the number of clicks from Reddit once it reaches the front page is in the hundreds of thousands.

Stories show up to the front page of different categories and the main front page of the site by receiving "upvotes" from users, and at last glance the link to the video had more than 2,500 upvotes. At this point it is still on the front page of the /videos subreddit.

Reddit is largely seen as the place where "everything starts" on the Internet, so it didn't take long for our friend Josh Weathers to pop up in other places on the Internet, including Fark and TheChive:

All of us Texas music fans can now say, "It's about time, world. It's about time." And we hope Josh Weathers will continue to play in our small towns.

In January Josh stopped by Radio Texas, LIVE! and left us with yet another stunning performance, this time of an original song "Two Bottles." Another video that should go viral, watch that here.

And just in case you've never seen/heard Josh Weathers' cover of "I Will Always Love You," here it is:

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