Josh Weathers

In 2005, Justin and Casey Frazell had an idea to combine their love of country music with their passion to help premature babies. Ten years later, Pickin’ for Preemies has grown from an idea into a tradition that has and continues to make such a difference in the lives of precio…
Our Top Five
I saw an artist perform the other day, who may or may not be on this list *cough cough* that did a phenomenal rendition of a song outside of their genre. It got me thinking about the artists in our Texas Music scene - the songs they choose to cover at their shows and why they choose those particular…
Best Voices in Texas Music
If you ask people who attend Texas/Red Dirt concerts what they are there for, simply being in attendance to hear an artist's voice is often not high on the priority list. It's about the environment, the party and singing along with their favorite songs.

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