In 2020 Josh Weathers has become a frequent collaborator with Nate Coon on his Home Room Sessions. Nate Coon's semi-regular internet music series wasn't new this year, but it really came on big during the lockdown and one of the few things we've had to depend on throughout.

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Everyone from Wade Bowen, Rita Ballou, Aaron Watson, Courtney Patton, and Pat Green have participated, but with the videos usually clocking in at around two minutes, it's never been enough to satisfy our greedy ears.

For the latest episode, Nate Coon, whose day job is drumming for Aaron Watson, brought back Josh Weathers for a full-length performance. About time. How the hell he's been getting away with giving us 60-90 second snippets of songs without us rioting in the streets I'll never understand.

A native of Fort Worth, Weathers, is known for his incredible voice and energetic live shows. He went viral in 2015 after a YouTube video of him covering Whitney Houston’s smash hit, “I Will Always Love You,” made its way around the internet and to the top pf Reddit.

He's got one of the most powerful voices on planet Earth, that's a fact. Hearing him, Alex Weeden, Sean Giddings, Michael Tarabay, and Coon channel a classic Aerosmith song will blow your mind, change your life, and may get you pregnant. Be careful.

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