Aaron Watson is a fiercely independent Texas-based country music act who has been releasing country bangers for two decades. Last week he uploaded a surprise new song because as he says "the American soul needs a pep talk."

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I have a new song called "American Soul" out today. We weren't planning on releasing it until the end of the year, but decided to release it today because the American Soul needs a pep talk right now more than ever. We need to turn off the news, turn up the music and dance with the ones we love. This year has been filled with an overdose of hate and heartache and a shortage of hugs. I hope this new song fills your heart with hope during these troubled times.

In the song the Abilene native sings, "It's the red white and blue, it's the yellow, brown and black. It's those rotten ol’ Republicans and those darned ol’ Democrats. We're coming back around 'cause you can't hold down the American Soul."

Aaron Watson's latest album Red Bandana was the third "surprise" national success in a row for The Honky Tonk Kid -- and a breath of fresh air for country music fans last summer. It opened at No. 2 on Billboard's Country Album Sales chart with nearly 10,000 units sold, and more than 2 Million first week streams. The 20-song collection was written solely by Watson himself.

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