Whaddup, Netflix? How come y'all still sleepin' on Nate Coon's Home Room Sessions? I'd binge watch 27-minute episodes of this as fast as they could upload 'em. This is must-see tv.

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Have you been keeping up with this series? It's gotta be worth $20 million. And now Nate and the boys are going next level landing Rita Ballou from KOKE FM, our radio home in Austin. Her cover the 1990 world-wide hit from Divinyls, "I Touch Myself" is outstanding.

One of my favorite things during the pandemic has been Nate Coons homeroom sessions. So I jokingly invited myself to sing one on Twitter, never in a million years thought anyone would even see let alone @ me about it. But Alex Michael and Nate called my bluff, and they made magic happen. I am thrilled with this auto-tuned wizardry.

Aaron Watson's drummer Nate Coon was knee-deep in these rad home sessions long before COVID-19 rocked us, and we're glad he's keeping up with it post-coronavirus. Alex Weeden, Michael Tarabay, and of course Coon join Rita on this week's episode.

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