Koe Wetzel is a hot ticket. And last year the East Texas native sold over over 120k of those tickets, thanks to sold-out dates across the country in support of his latest album, 2020's Sellout.

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Well, if you hadn't heard Koe spent most of January recording his next album. Last week we caught up with Koe on Radio Texas, LIVE! where he gave us the latest on the new project, hanging with Ric Flair, the outlook on a Post Malone collab, and his unwavering belief in Dak Prescott. Hear our entire conversation below.

Koe's latest album Sellout has been well-received by fans and critics -- really by most everyone -- except those hoping for the Pittsburg, TX born singer to slide back over to his more country sound.

In fact Koe has made a pact with his fans via Twitter that he will be releasing a full-blown country album soon after he turns 30. So is this one that album?

"No, it's not... We're throwing out all the stops on this record. It's more alternative, southern rock, heavier rock." Koe told me. "It does have some country sounding songs, but overall it's more of an alternative record."

However he will leave a bread crumb for those grasping for it, "on the very last song of the record," Koe reveals, "you'll get a teaser of the country record. It's only about half-a-song but you'll get the teaser." Which leads me to assume that the next project could certainly be the country project. For the record, Koe turns 30 on July 14th, 2022.

We covered a lot of topics on the show, from drinking Ultras with the Nature Boy, the possibility of a future Post Malone collaboration, to this bottle of MD 2020 that's been sitting in my office since 2018 waiting for the Dallas Cowboys to win the Super Bowl. I also asked him about getting his first two GOLD singles:

The craziest thing of it was though, we recorded those songs in a bathroom. It was kinda dream come true. To have the recognition and have something on the wall forever that's really cool.

And while he still stopped short of locking in a date for releasing the album, in true Koe fashion he's keeping us on our toes, "You know me, man. I might drop it tomorrow."

Hear our entire conversation here:

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