This is pure magnificence. I need an entire record of this. Texas holy-roller rockabilly Paul Cauthen has combined forces with masked Canadian crooner Orville Peck to form The Unrighteous Brothers.

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By now you all know Paul Cauthen, if not that's on you bubba. But just in case, and since my most favorite part of the job is doing this...

In the early 2010s Paul Cauthen was toiling around East Texas, a young solo act with a lot of promise. He really found a next-level groove when he joined forces with David Beck to create the powerhouse duo Sons of Fathers, a promising pairing that burned out way too fast for fans.

In 2016, Cauthen released his debut solo album, My Gospel. Rolling Stone described Cauthen then as “A triple-barreled blast of Texas country, soul and holy-roller rockabilly," which still rings true today. The album has become a definitive work of art the for native Texan.

Cauthen's most recent full-length project, Room 41, was released in September of 2019. The album is fantastic and contains one of the most electrifying songs of 2019, "Cocaine Country Dancing."

I don't know as much about Orville Peck. He is Canadian, and while whether or not he has a face has yet to be confirmed, I can confirm that he has a powerful baritone voice. He released his debut album Pony in 2019, followed by the EP Show Pony in 2020.

Cauthen will be my guest next Saturday (October 3rd) on Radio Texas, LIVE! be sure to tune in.

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