It was backstage at a rained out KOKE FEST last year where a few of us got our first listen to John Jeffers singing lead vocals for a new song called "Bitch."

While killing time, hoping the festival could be salvaged, John and a few of the Whiskey Myers guys asked if we'd like to hear a new song. So it was on their bus while a monsoon beat down on us and flooded the grass parking lot that we first heard "Bitch."

Tired of the radio, same old lyrics, smokeshows, you so country we all know, tailgates and back roads, same shit different day, ain’t nothin’ ever gone change, long as you know that you are still just a bitch in my book.

I was floored. We all were. Soft spoken, helluva nice guy, John Jeffers can sing - and he's pissed. Great song. You'll never hear it in heavy rotation on the radio, but we all know some of the best songs ever made never get radio play. Shout out to YouTuber Trav199 for posting this one.


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