What kind of super-human laser sharp focus powers does Cody Jinks posses? Was he bitten by a radioactive Adderall spider? I can't even focus on a conversation with my wife when my kids are arguing. I bet Cody is great at tasks that require intense focus, like, ummm, intricate woodworking.

For some reason this drunk chuckle head decided he should be on stage while Jinks closed out his set in Albany, Georgia last night. So while police and security work to subdue that guy, even introducing him to their friend, taser, Jinks just keeps right on singing. "Loooud thunder heavy rain. Thin line 'tween joy and pain." It was like a scene out of a Jason Bourne movie, if a Jason Bourne made a Cody Jinks video. It was damn poetic.

The man is an ass hat, but good Lord this video glorious.

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