Mike and the Moonpies are the real deal. Their latest studio album, Mockingbird, was named by Rolling Stone Country one of the best for 2015, and needs to be on your short list of music to check out - if you haven't yet.

Mike Harmeier and his group of talented Austinites are currently out pounding the pavement touring across the U.S. playing honky tonks, bars, festivals, and for anyone who will listen. And while people are beginning to warm up to the Moonpies, you can bet these boys sleep well at night, knowing they're getting concert shout outs from Sturgill Simpson.

Really what else do we need to know? If they're good enough for Sturgill, they're damn-well good enough for us.

You can catch one of Texas' best live bands Thursday night (9/28) at The East Texas State Fair in Tyler, TX.

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