Mike Harmeier and his band of talented Austinites are out pounding the pavement, touring across the U.S. playing honky tonks, bars, festivals, and for anyone who will listen. And while people are beginning to warm up to the Moonpies, you can bet these boys sleep well at night knowing they’re getting concert shout outs from Sturgill Simpson.

Frankly what else do we really need to know? If they’re good enough for Sturgill, they’re damn-well good enough for us.

This week lead Moonpie, Mike Harmeier, brings back his popular video segment for fans to let them hear his songs “the way he wrote it."

Here's the next episode of 'The Way I Wrote It' featuring a new song from our live album," Harmeier writes, "(available for preorder November 18). Hope y'all enjoy it!"

Their new single "Mockingbird," the title track off their current album, is out to radio now.

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