Mike Harmeier and his group of talented Austinites are currently out pounding the pavement touring across the U.S. playing honky tonks, bars, festivals, and for anyone who will listen. And while people are beginning to warm up to the Moonpies, you can bet these boys sleep well at night, knowing they’re getting concert shout outs from Sturgill Simpson.

And frankly what else do we really need to know? If they’re good enough for Sturgill, they’re damn-well good enough for us.

Lead singer, Mike Harmeier, this week started a new video segment for fans to let them hear his songs "the way he wrote it". Which is a pretty cool concept.

Here's what he wrote to fans:

Recently, I've had the opportunity to play the acoustic version of 'Smoke Em If You Got Em' at some solo gigs and a few of y'all have been asking for a recorded version of it. So I sat down in the back of Dimebox Ballroom last night and did just that. This is the way the song was originally written and there might just be some more "The Way I Wrote It" videos coming to you soon. I hope y'all enjoy this and share it with some folks that might appreciate it!