He's a native of East Texas, but has seen his musical success in the Texas Music scene grow out of the western side of the Lone Star State. Which makes sense, seeing how that's where he started his band after graduating from Texas Tech. But now William Clark Green, the reigning TRRMA New Male Vocalist of the Year, is growing too big for just the city of Lubbock, and he stopped by Radio Texas, LIVE! last week to prove it.

Over the past year and a half his album "Misunderstood" has charted three singles in Texas, including "Tonight," "Caroline" and "Catch Me When I Fall." But now Green is looking forward to his next album, "Rose Queen" due out February of 2013.

Green told me, "This is a monumental [and] personal record for me. I don't really care how successful it is, but it's a special record for the lyrics that are on it, and the songwriters I got to write with."

One of those songwriters was Brian Keane whom with Green wrote "She Loves the Beatles."

After starting on the song Green told me he thought it needed some of Keane's "wit," so he sent it to him to help finish it. When it was all said and done, Brian who is a premiere songwriter, and former keys-player for Randy Rogers ended up not only co-writing with him, but also playing keys on the new album. Green performed the song the two collaborated on for us live, check it out.

But as Green explained that's not where the Keane family connection ends, "Rachel Lloyd, Brian [Keane's] wife is producing ["Rose Queen"]." Lloyd also plays bass for Hank Williams Jr.

We also debuted Green's brand new single "It's About Time," to date, easily the most private song he's released. In it Green talks about moving on after love:

It's about time that I broke somebody's heart/ They been breaking all of mine from the very start/ She gave me all she had, but it wasn't what I wanted to find/ It's about time that I go out every night/ drinking cause I wanna not because she lost her mind/ It's about time.

Be on the lookout for Green's sophomore effort "Rose Queen" due out in February 2013. And if you haven't yet -- it's time to hop aboard the William Clark Green, bandwagon before it's starts moving too fast to catch up with.

I know I'll ultimately pay for it, but I am quite proud of the first time Will and I met. To punk a complete stranger as bad as I did, then, you've got to milk it for all it's worth. Why? Because payback's gonna hurt. For your RTX-Extra hear Green and I explain how we first met, and became friends.