I'd like to believe we appreciated them sufficiently while we had them, not sure it was possible though. Red Dirt Gods Turnpike Troubadours are still on that indefinite hiatus, but regardless of what the future holds, the music these boys from Oklahoma made will go down as some of the best to ever come out of Sooner State.

They released their debut album, Bossier City in 2007. By 2012, with their third album Goodbye Normal Street in tow, Turnpike had established themselves as a premiere band in the Texas, Red Dirt, and country music scenes.

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The guys have enjoyed so much success, and are still sorely missed. Of course Kyle Nix and RC Edwards have both released solo projects in the past year or so.

We recently came across this 8-year-old video of the boys singing an all time fan favorite, "Before The Devil Knows We're Dead," and felt the need to share it today. This particular performance was recorded live in-studio for HearYa.com on July 13th, 2013. The session was recorded in downtown Chicago at Shirk Studios. Enjoy.

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