So, yeah. This show may actually be worth waiting five more months for a live show. I mean there's a very good chance that you've already gone a year without a concert in your life. Wouldn't this be a great first show back?

#NOLA Just announced your show! September 3rd at @SaengerNOLA@whiskeymyers  will be kicking off the night. TIX on sale Friday, April 23rd at 10am.

I did not see this one coming. Today Cody Jinks and Whiskey Myers revealed that all of our wildest dreams will be coming true this September in New Orleans. Two of Texas' biggest acts will head to NOLA for one night of hardcore Texas Rock and Country at Saenger Theatre. I've never heard of Saenger Theatre but I question any venue's ability to handle a show of this magnitude.

2020 was a helluva year for Jinks who earned a Gold and Platinum certification by the RIAA. But there were so many more things in motion for Jinks in a year dominated by a damn world-wide pandemic.

Last summer, we found out just how busy Jinks had been during the lockdown. We got the initial Red Rocks Live album, that long-rumored acoustic record, a double-live album, his new podcast called “A Couple In,” a Christmas album, and teased us all with a "rock" album.

Not to be outdone, Whiskey Myers also had two singles Certified Gold by the RIAA. “Ballad of a Southern Man” from their 2011 album Firewater, and "Stone" off of their 2016 release Mud were both certified Gold for reaching over 500,000 units in sales, downloads, and streaming equivalents.

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