Visiting western stores throughout Texas I have seen some pretty big boots. They come in all sorts of varieties like skins of ostrich, caiman, snake, and more; and colors of brown, red white, black, blue, and every other shade.

If you want it, there is probably a boot that has it -- or it could be made!

I thought I had phased out of wearing boots, but I've come to realize boots can be for everyone, country or not. It is Texas, after all. It kinda feels like a right of passage to own a pair of cowboy boots.

What are the best cowboy boots in Texas?

I'm sure some people have an opinion on this because I sure do. My favorite boots in Texas are worn by Big Tex. I think it's super cool that his boots change and the selected artists get to see him wearing their designs.

His boots in 2023 were amazing. You can see them here if you want.

When I saw Big Tex in his custom boots at the State Fair of Texas for the first time I thought he had to have the biggest pair of boots on I'd ever seen.

But soon later I found that I was very wrong.

What are the biggest boots in Texas?

There is one MASSIVE pair of boots in San Antonio, Texas that claim to be not only the largest in Texas, but in the world! Now, that's a claim I didn't delve into too much, so maybe there is a bigger pair of cowboy boots out there. But without a little more digging I personally can't debunk the claim.

Google Maps
Google Maps

But they are 100% the largest boots I've ever laid eyes on. The boots are 35 feet tall and 33 feet long. Wow!

I know, it's been said once, and it'll be said thousands more, but everything is bigger in Texas.

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