UPDATE: Gretchen has been found. She was found zip stripped to a tree by a hiker, she is back home and doing fine.

SHE’S BEEN FOUND!!! Zip tied to a tree, without her collar, out on a nature trail. We’re just in total shock right now.. didn’t think it was possible. - Shane Smith


Yesterday evening Shane Smith of Shane Smith & The Saints took to Twitter to ask for help after his truck had been stolen from the Pearl Historic District in San Antonio, and to make things worse his was dog inside the truck at the time.

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Shane’s truck was just stolen with his dog inside ... PLEASE SHARE! Area: Pearl Historic District in San Antonio, TX Truck Info: Black Ford F-150 King Ranch Edition License Plate: LBV 8068 Dog Info: Grey/Long Hair Havanese ~10LBS Responds to: “Gretchen”

It's bad enough the truck was taken, but to have your dog stolen at the same time, well that's just heartbreaking. Hopefully the thief has some sort of heart and will take care of Gretchen, or drop her off safely at a shelter.

We'll keep you updated on the story, and hope that it comes with a happy reunion. But in the mean time, let's help Shane find his dog and his truck.  

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