Post Malone is one of music's biggest acts - in the world. He's all over your radio. Fans are streaming his music nonstop. Artists are tripping over themselves to collaborate with him. And we get it, cause he's good. But did you know Post loves him some country music?

He's achieved world wide acclaim singing with Justin Beiber, 21 Savage, and 2 Chainz. He raps and sings on songs called "Rockstar," "Money Made Me Do It," "Deja Vu," but Post loves his country music.

You know he grew up in Dallas, right? He worked at Chicken Express as a teenager -- I had several friends who worked at Chicken Express. In my experience everyone who works at Chicket Express at least likes country. So how do we know definitively Post loves country music? Three reasons:

1. Do you recall the time he hung out with Dwight Yoakam? They sang "A Thousand Miles From Nowhere" together.

2. Did you know he is set to collaborate with Keith Urban during NBC's Elvis Presley tribute next year? It's true. In February '19 NBC will air an Elvis Presley All-Star Tribute Special. Complete with that Urban / Malone collab. Someone who doesn't love country would never do that.

3. This.

I know we said three, but how about four? He's said so himself. If you watch the video up top he lists his favorite country artist: Johnny Cash, Willie Nelson, Tim McGraw, and Brad Paisley. Malone credits his mom for his love of country. We love you, Posty!

And, hey, if you're looking for suggestions, we'd really enjoy seeing a Koe Wetzel collaboration in '19.

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