Artist Radney Foster posted on Facebook this week that ten guitars and a custom-made amplifier were reported missing from his storage unit in Nashville. Thank beejesus, eight of his guitars, as well as the amp have been recovered, but there are still two guitars on the loose.

Just to jump on my soap box for a minute, guys... this is seriously not cool. We are having to post one too many times about an artists' WORK EQUIPMENT being stolen. This is their life blood. What little they have leftover after paying their bills goes into buying this equipment so they can go to work on the weekends and do it all over again. In turn, this gives you, the consumer, something to do on Saturday night.

Help these artists out. If you see someone fishy, report it. If you see something reported missing, get it back to the owner. If you see this post - repost.

Click here for the list of the missing equipment. Let's find his last two guitars.